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Insects as Pollinators – Is planting flowers enough?

Dave Brice of Diptera ID Services is delighted to be working with Ecology Training UK and will be presenting Habitat Management for Insect Pollinators – via a live Webinar on Thursday March 7th, 2024. There is a far wider pool of insect pollinators than just the honeybee and various life stages involved other than just […]

Malaise trap in Mallorca

In May 2023 we were invited by Mark Welch to contribute to an ongoing study of Diptera on the Balearic island of Mallorca. Previously, I had determined the Sphaeroceridae (Lesser Dung Flies) from Malaise traps run by Mark in 2022, so it seemed like a great idea to go out and take part in the […]

Don’t forget the Voucher Specimen!

Spent a rainy yesterday catching up with the admin and sorting of voucher specimens to be returned for the project from the Botanic Garden Jardin Massart in Brussels, Belgium. The identifying of the diptera species was completed a few months back, and the paper written and published as part of a larger study (see details […]