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Insects as Pollinators – Is planting flowers enough?

Dave Brice of Diptera ID Services is delighted to be working with Ecology Training UK and will be presenting Habitat Management for Insect Pollinators – via a live Webinar on Thursday March 7th, 2024.

There is a far wider pool of insect pollinators than just the honeybee and various life stages involved other than just the adult. So, is planting flowers enough? Dave Brice looks in detail at how we need to include a much wider range of species, multiple life stages and habitats if mitigating for pollinators is to be effective.

  • What is a pollinator?
  • Insects as pollinators
  • Ecological services from insect pollinators?
  • Habitat diversity – larval requirements
  • Ecological niches within larger habitats
  • Insects as food (for pollinator insects)
  • Red Data Book insect pollinators
  • Known insect/plant associations.
  • Insect survey, collection, preservation, and identification
  • Specialist support

Bookings are through the Ecology Training website: https://ecologytraining.co.uk/course/habitat-management-for-insect-pollinators-webinar-7th-march-2024/

Bumblebee and Wasp images ©2024 Rob Stephens; Larva image ©2024 Ross Piper