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Specimen Identification

Most Diptera super families can be identified including:

Tipuloidea, Sciaroidea, Empidoidea, Asiloidea, Syrphoidea, Stratiomyoidea, Sphaeroceroidea, Ephydroidea, Opomyzoidea, Muscoidea and Oestroidea.

Specific families can be identified including:

Hoverflies, Syrphidae, Soldierflies, Stratiomyidae, Nematocera, Craneflies, Tipulidae, Tipula, Sciaridae, Mycetophilidae, Fungus Gnats, Muscidae, Muscids, House Flies, Fanniidae, Fannia, Lesser House Flies, Brachycera, Culicidae, Mosquitoes, Tabanidae, Horseflies, Asilidae, Robberflies, Heleomyzidae, Opomyzidae, Sciomyzidae, Sphaeroceridae, Dung Flies, Scathophagidae, Ephydridae, Calliphoridae, Dance Flies, Empididae, Empis, Rhamphomyia, Dagger flies, Hybotidae, Platypalpus, Dolichopodidae.

For information on any families/species not mentioned please contact Dave.

Bulk samples sorted prior to Diptera identification to family level.

We are able to sort bulk samples (from Malaise traps for example) into Diptera families, whilst separating out other Orders.

All sample sizes and formats covered.

We are happy to identify large or small samples either in alcohol or as pinned material. On completion of the task, voucher specimens will be returned along with a full list of the species present, numbers and sex of individuals within the sample.


Please contact us, giving details of the project, for a quote for the work required.  Thanks.

Specimen Bulk Sample